Technology and the Internet is my passion. Contact me for a consultation. Here are some of the professional services I offer…


  • Community relations

  • Contract management

  • Fan community channels

  • International account PR coordination

  • Launch management

  • Main Responsibilities

  • Market research

  • Online media relations management

  • Online public relation specialists training

  • Optimized online community relations

  • Press releases

  • Proposals

  • PR tracking & performance

  • Publications Management

  • Public Relations

  • Sales collateral

  • Social media consumer path of purchase strategy

  • Social ┬ámedia relations management

  • Specialist training

  • Strategic planning

  • Tradeshows/ events┬ápress representation

  • User behavior/engagement through campaign analysis

  • Website copy

Contact me for a consultation…

Email: lesli@arbuthnot.com